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    The Federation stands for policies/programs which it views as ‘pro’ family farm and has generally opposed any change to policy or programming that it perceives as being a threat to the viability of the family farm unit. Major issues of concern include: land ownership limits, environment, transportation, farm finance, farm safety, training and technology and Safety Nets and service delivery.

    The P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture believes that all farmers have an equal voice regardless of the size of their holdings. It exists to help improve the sustainability of Island Farmers and farm families.

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    • 2020 Farm Registration Form?HERE
    • Online Registration?HERE


    IPCO Farms

    The original farmstead was established in 1779 and was named Apple Valley Farms by John MacDonald who me from Scotland on the original Ship in 1772.? Beuse the land sloped down to the River Valley and the Adians had planted many Apple Trees, John named the farm “Apple Valley Farm” which operated under that name until 2016 when it was purchased by IPCO Hogs. IPCO produces little pigs and market hogs from 1000 sows for specialty markets in nada and the US. The markets require regular third party audits for specific animal welfare practices.?

    Did you know that a pig’s squeal n be as loud as 130 decibels? Jet engines are only 120!!

    Lleft to right:?Balwinder Singh, Mike Kelly, Donald MacDonald, Tarsem Singh, Kulwinder Singh,? Albert Shephard and Baljit Singh

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